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3 Unusual Reasons to Hire a Corporate Attorney

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Most people know that attorneys are great for when you want to prevent a lawsuit or when you need to get a contract signed in front of legal counsel. There are other reasons you may want to consider hiring a lawyer, though. Here's three of the top reasons to do so before you head into the world of business. 

It Can Be Expensive NOT to Have a Lawyer

Some people argue that having a lawyer is expensive. What they should consider is the fact that not having one to help you create and legalize your business plans can cost you more in the long run due to potential penalties and fines. 

For example, a tax lawyer could help you figure out the best way to pay your taxes and file them correctly for your corporation. In the case that the IRS decides to pursue some kind of tax fraud case against you, your attorney will work from the start to prevent criminal charges from damaging your reputation and that of your business. 

You Need Expert Testimony

When you need an expert to testify on your behalf in a worker injury case or in a lawsuit filed by a consumer, do you know who to call? Chances are, your lawyer will. Lawyers are at the top of their field, and they likely know many other professionals in a variety of fields who can support your testimony. 

For instance, if you have a consumer claiming your product was painted with lead paint, a manufacturing industry specialist may need to speak on your behalf to deny those claims and point out what your paint was actually made from. 

Good Lawyers Know When to Settle

There may come a time when you're in a position to sue for damages thanks to libel or other issues. You may be offered various sums of money, but if you're unsure of how much you deserve, that's when you need a lawyer. A lawyer can work through the statistics of your case to determine how much money you've lost, how much pain and suffering you've gone through, and can assess the damage to your company overall. With this information, he can give you a better idea of how much money you would need to be offered to settle.

These are just three of the best reasons to hire a corporate attorney or lawyer. Be prepared for anything by having one (like those from Strauss Troy)  on your side.