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What To Do If You Missed Your Court Hearing

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One of the worst feelings you might possibly experience is suddenly remembering that you had court yesterday but forgot to go. You should never miss a court hearing, especially if it is related to a criminal matter, so what do you do if this happens? If you end up missing a court hearing and are not sure what to do, here are some tips. Understand the implications If you think that missing a court hearing is no big deal, you should think again. Read More»

3 Times Getting Fired Can Be a Violation of the Law

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What do you do when your whole world has been turned upside down by two little words, “You’re fired.” Maybe you were expecting it – and maybe the news came as a shock. Either way, you have a sinking feeling that even though you weren’t fired for any legitimate reason, your abrupt termination will be a black mark on your resume that will be hard to overcome. Were you fired illegally? Read More»

Use These Three Tips As You Write Your Will

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It may be uncomfortable for you to think about writing your own will. However, when you take the time to create a will on your own, you can protect your loved ones from disagreements and other problems after you pass away. Here are some tips that can help you write a solid will that will hold up after your death. Know What May Not Be Included You might want to put all of your assets in your will, but it is important that you know what may and may not be included in the document. Read More»

Protecting Your Pet: Estate Planning Questions For Four Pawed Possessions

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After their owner’s passing, many pets end up in shelters because there is simply no one to take care of them. The only way to protect your beloved animal from a less than optimal fate is by creating a comprehensive estate plan that includes them. Like it or not, an animal is generally considered to be property, and that means they will end up being dealt with as part of your estate before your passing. Read More»

Should You Blow The Whistle On Your Employer?

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If you’ve recently become aware of an illegal or unethical practice at your place of work, you might be wondering about your potential options. Making the right choice can be difficult, particularly if you like your job – you don’t want to risk being fired or demoted after you’ve gone up the chain to report this misconduct. Fortunately, there are laws in place to help protect you from potential retaliation. Here is more about whistleblower protection laws and how you can determine whether to report an employer’s bad deeds. Read More»

3 Unusual Reasons to Hire a Corporate Attorney

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Most people know that attorneys are great for when you want to prevent a lawsuit or when you need to get a contract signed in front of legal counsel. There are other reasons you may want to consider hiring a lawyer, though. Here’s three of the top reasons to do so before you head into the world of business.  It Can Be Expensive NOT to Have a Lawyer Some people argue that having a lawyer is expensive. Read More»

Invented A Profitable Item? What's The Next Step?

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If you’ve recently invented something (or simply refined an existing invention) that you believe could make quite a splash in the retail market, you may be wondering about your next steps. You’re probably aware that you’ll need to patent your invention to prevent it from being co-opted by other would-be inventors – but how does this process work? And can you patent your idea or specific technology, or just the item itself? Read More»